Weekly Report 4 – Monster Energy

Weekly Report

As in previous weeks, I started with an overview of the Monster Energy brand.  I wanted to find more information about the brand by looking through their website.  The About page had some information about what they do but did not provide any history or backstory to the company.  When I did an internet search to learn more, most of the articles about the company were about lawsuits.  So, I turned to Wikipedia for some insight into how the company was started and more information about what they sell.

The second post was to show Monster Energy’s presence in social media.  I searched through their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds for the most popular content, as well as similar content.  Monster Energy tends to post the same photos across these three sites so finding similar content was not very difficult.

The third post was to analyze the rhetoric used in these posts.  I found some minor changes to the wording, such as additional hashtags used on Instagram posts.  I also wanted to look a bit more closely at their writing style, so I also wrote about things such as punctuation used.  I changed how I am analyzing the content by grouping the similar posts together, listing the sites, quoting the posts on those sites, and then going over the rhetoric used.  I think this is a more organized way to show and go over the information.


Compared to Others

Unlike in previous weeks, I was able to find similar content across sites very easily.  Batdad did not use social media as regularly, and seemed to use sites that were more appropriate for posting things like family photos – namely, Instagram and Facebook.  Batdad also at times would post a photo or video on one website and days could go by before the same photo of video would be posted to a different website.  Stella McCartney did post some of the same content across sites, but seemed to pick and choose which content was best suited for each site rather than choosing to use the same content.  Lowe’s also did not seem to post the same content across sites, such as the photo of the blue bed on Facebook which was not posted on any of their other websites.

Also unlike other brands I have looked at so far, Monster Energy is the only one who has consistently tagged other brands and relevant people in their Facebook posts.  Lowe’s tagged Pinterest once on Twitter, and there have been a few tags by the other brands on Facebook, but very infrequently.  When Monster Energy posts a photo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they tag anyone relevant to the photo on every website.  I think this is pretty great, because not only is the connection being made between the brands, but then the audience is able to find these other brands on each website.

Lowe’s used a lot of “calls to action”, and Monster Energy does not do that very often.  When they do it is usually more subtle, such as providing an external link, rather than openly stating, “Follow us on Pinterest” as Lowe’s said, or providing Instagram usernames for the audience to follow as Batdad did.

Last week, I pointed out that Lowe’s turned a few photos from their Instagram into a collage that they used in other sites.  Monster Energy did the opposite.  They took photos from their photo sets on Facebook and Twitter, and turned those into a collage which they posted on their Instagram.

How My Project Is Going

Ideally, I would be able to put a lot more time into my project.  I feel that my lack of time is causing my project to suffer a little more each week, because I am falling behind in my personal blogging.  I knew that picking up a full time job while raising four kids and finishing school full time would be difficult, but it’s necessary to do, however there just don’t seem to be that many hours in a day to put 100% toward everything.  I’m trying to at least keep up with the main part of my project.

What I Will Do Next Week

This upcoming week, I will be looking at Samsung Mobile.  Also, during spring break next week I will have a little more time, since I will have no homework to keep up on.  So, I am going to devote that time to creating content for my personal blog that I will save as drafts and then post throughout the remainder of this project.


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