Brand Overview – Monster Energy

Monster Energy website

When I first visited their website, I was met with a large slideshow autoplaying photos of advertisements and action shots.  Their home page includes several posts from their blog, a calendar of events, follow buttons for their social media pages, and a widget for their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube profiles.  The black background really makes these things stand out, and there is a lot going on.  I think the “feel” of this page goes well with the brand itself, because the page is high energy.  The very recognizable logo for this product is also solid black, with a bright green capital M for Monster that looks like it has been clawed by a monster.

Their About Us page is found only by scrolling to the bottom.  It has four paragraphs and a sentence, “A lifestyle in a can.”

The first paragraph states that Monster is different from most other companies in that it doesn’t just advertise their products, they get out there into the environments their products are being used and they support the people who use them.

The second paragraph states that they’re all about “living the life”.

The third paragraph continues with this idea by reiterating that they are different from other companies because they can offer perks that other companies don’t offer, such as VIP access and dirt bikes.

The last paragraph is a summary of sorts, informing the reader that this company isn’t just about energy drinks.  They offer a wide variety of other products that allow people to live a high energy life, such as an athlete or a rock star, and is a company that is also partially led by fans of the products.

I went to Monster Energy’s Wikipedia page for more information.  I would usually not include Wikipedia as a source, but wanted more information about this company and was unable to find more on their website.  According to this page, Monster Energy began selling their products in April 2002.  They sell 34 different drinks in North America.  Most of their advertisement is through sponsorship of major sporting events such as car racing, BMX, and skateboarding, to name a few.



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