Weekly Report 2 – BatDad

I started this week with a brand overview of BatDad.  Most of the information I found on him came from articles that were written by other people.  This is mostly due to the fact that BatDad does not seem to be big on talking and sharing information, especially information about himself.  I read a few articles, linked to them, and added some information about BatDad.  I also went through his social media pages to find a few examples of what kind of content he creates and posts.  Somehow the formatting in this initial blog post became a little messed up, and I haven’t been able to fix it, but the other posts seem to be okay.

Next I looked at Batdad’s social media presence.  This type of post, last week and this week, has taken the longest to do.  This is because I have to keep going back and forth between the same few tabs – each tab being a different profile – and compiling the media into a blog post.  It involves a lot of scrolling, date and data checking, and searching for the same post across the different sites.  This isn’t a problem, of course, I just didn’t expect this post to take the longest.  I thought it would be easier, with perhaps the analysis taking the longest.  Anyway, this post seems to have the least amount of “meat”, but it really does take quite a bit of work.

The upside is, once all of this information is collected and organized, it makes the social media analysis a lot easier.  Still takes time and work, but the information is easier to find and read.  Like last week, I started by organizing hashtag use.  BatDad doesn’t use hashtags often.  I then showed which posts are used on different sites.  The most interesting thing I found in all of this information is that in creating BatDad and making himself an internet celebrity, he also made his wife and brother/friend/whoever (Uncle Rob) internet celebrities, and they all help each other maintain their “fame”.

Compared to Others

BatDad keeping his private life private is a the opposite of what Stella McCartney does, as she shares a lot of information about her past and her personal life.  She provides plenty of background information on her About pages, and shares photos from her childhood, her early days as a designer, and her current life outside of work as well.  I think part of the reason BatDad is private, in addition to wanting to keep at least somewhat a barrier between his family life and the public, is perhaps because he is a fairly new internet celebrity.  He doesn’t have a lengthy history to provide details about.  He also doesn’t have a long list of experience or skills – he just bought a Batman mask and started making videos.

BatDad seems to rely heavily on “word of mouth” advertising. He is not particularly proactive in trying to become more popular, and he doesn’t seem to be trying to build or further diversify his brand. This likely goes back to his statement that he will stop creating videos when it stops being fun, and that he started it just to goof off with his family, not to seek fame. Part of this “word of mouth” advertisement comes from his fans. As I mentioned in my analysis, people will edit photos and create memes that relate to BatDad and share them with him. BatDad then shares these only to his Facebook page. The other part of this advertising style comes from his wife Jen and (assumed) brother Uncle Rob. BatDad frequently links to these other accounts, even on different websites. They also link back to him. I think it’s pretty nice that they show support for each other, even though their titles as smaller internet celebrities is based on and branched from BatDad’s fame.  In comparison Stella McCartney has online and television ads, and most likely also has other types of advertising such as print.  This is because she is trying to sell products, not a character.  She also does have some “word of mouth” advertising, such as a celebrity wearing one of her designs, but overall advertising doesn’t seem to be a heavy focus, at least not on her social media accounts.  She doesn’t seem to have a fan base that creates memes and such about her but this is probably because she is a professional with a business post to audience viewer style of content, and BatDad’s character is comedic, with a lot of interaction between him and his fans, and now also his wife and Uncle Rob, too.

He frequently responds to fan comments on Facebook fairly often, which is something that I did not find Stella McCartney doing.  In this way, it is as though Stella McCartney provides the information to the public, perhaps even curating it at times to create and uphold a certain image, yet still keeps herself at a distance from her fans.  By interacting with his fans, BatDad is able to make his fans feel involved and connected.

What I learned from last week:

I am still trying to help my blog get more attention.  New blogs can be pretty difficult to promote.  I created a hashtag, #LifeLoveLibra, which is the name of the blog.  I have used this on Facebook and Twitter.  I had a family of sick kids this past week, and then I got sick as well, so I didn’t get as much blogging done as I would have liked.  Interesting thing I noticed, I got more likes on my Facebook page this week than on my blog.  I’m not sure whether these likes are from people who already follow my blog or entirely new people who came across my Facebook page but have not followed my blog.  I have 14 blog followers with three likes this week – low number, partially because I didn’t post as much or as often as I wanted to, and partially because I did not post any recipes, which seems to be the type of content that gets the most attention.  My Facebook page is up to 9 likes, no other interactions, but I also was not able to be very active on this page this past week, either.

What I learned and will try next week:

There are four things I will take away from this week’s brand and apply to my own blog.  One is perhaps making short videos and utilizing this form of media to show recipes, how-tos, etc.  The videos will be fairly short, at ten seconds or less.  I will try uploading to Vine, but will also post to my Facebook page.  Another is using short titles for these videos.  It seems this is the easiest way to give a description of the video, or tell my thoughts on the content in the video.  Though it may not always be the case, it does seem fitting that short videos have shorter titles.  The third thing I will try is word of mouth advertising.  I will try asking some friends or family to link to my blog, or to link to their favorite post I have made so far.  The final thing I have learned from this is to create subtle calls to action on my Facebook posts.  I will do this by adding my Instagram and/or Twitter names at the end of new Facebook posts, and also work them into the end of my blog posts.



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