BatDad – Brand Overview

BatDad, aka Blake Wilson, is popular for his comedic videos portraying himself as Batman, a father in common domestic situations.   According to this article, he found the plastic Bat Man mask in the children’s section at Target, purchased it on a whim, and began making videos.  Two weeks later his posts went viral and now, two years later, he has millions of fans around the world.  In this article, he is quoted as saying that the Bat Man mask is “the best $10 I’ve ever spent.”

His videos started out on Vine but with the massive success he began using other websites to upload content and connect with fans.  These other websites include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which are the accounts I will be examining, but he also has success on YouTube and surely other sites as well.















He has said that at times he has taken breaks from making videos but keeps coming back to it, and one day might stop altogether if it ever stops being fun.  Since his videos center around domestic situations, having a wife and four children who are growing and changing will always provide inspiration for him to create new content.















The About section of his Facebook page reads, “I have four kids, two dogs, a patient wife, and a batman mask.”  His wife Jen says that often she is caught off-guard when her husband is making BatDad videos.  This sometimes causes her to comes across as annoyed or irritable.  She admits that sometimes she does get mad, but one can tell from watching that she also has fun participating.

He also fostered and adopted a pitbull named Sugar.  He did this not only because he wanted a dog, but because he wanted to promote rescuing animals over buying them.  He is quoted as saying, “I really felt the urge to foster one first just to give one a chance.”  Sometimes Sugar plays the role of Robin to his BatDad.














He also sells t-shirts for his fans to purchase.





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