Weekly Report 1 – Stella McCartney

This week was productive.

At the start of this week I typed a lengthy overview for the original brand I had picked, Cult of Coquette.  I didn’t realize before starting this project that Cult of Coquette had such a lack of an online presence.  I struggled to even find information on the brand, resorting to reading blogs non-affiliated with the brand and putting the pieces together.  Once I tracked down Cult of Coquette’s social media pages, I realized that their postings were so infrequent, I didn’t have much to go on.  So, I changed the first step in my project to a much more social media friendly brand, Stella McCartney.  I chose this brand because they are in the same industry – Cult of Coquette is a higher fashion vegan brand, and so is Stella McCartney.

So, I made a new post, an overview of the Stella McCartney brand (I also edited my Brand List page to reflect the change).   I started on her website to learn about what types of products she sells.  I also went to her About Stella page to learn more.  There I found several paragraphs detailing her life’s work as a designer.  I perused the website and linked back to a few examples of her products.

My next post went over Stella McCartney’s presence on social media.  I found her pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, and I noted how many followers she had on each site.  Then I went through each site to find the top posts from the past week – she is quite active on social media, so looking at posts beyond a week would have been incredibly time consuming.  At first I picked the top three posts on Facebook, and then on Twitter.  At this point I noticed that she did not always post the same content to different sites.  For example, the photo of Jennifer Lawrence wearing a suit from her Autumn 15 collection was posted to Facebook and Twitter, but not her Instagram or Pinterest.   So, I chose to look at a few top posts from each site, and tried to find the same posts on all four sites to see how the wording would change.

My third post, an analysis of Stella McCartney’s social media rhetoric, combined all the information I had gathered to this point.  I wanted to see how the posts differed through comparing and contrasting.  This was made fairly easy as she used many of the same photos on different websites.  I first organized which hashtags she used by website.  She uses hashtags that are relevant to her brand, not just the top trending hashtags on Twitter, for example.  This gives her brand appropriate exposure.  I thought it was interesting that she uses less hashtags on Twitter, where hashtag connections were first used, than on Facebook, where hashtags only became a feature a couple years ago.  She also uses Twitter and Instagram to tag and connect to other brands and celebrities.  I thought this was interesting, because she posts more frequently on Facebook but doesn’t connect to other brands or celebrities on Facebook.

Another thing I noticed is that all of her top posts include photos.  Looking through her pages, it seems that most if not all of her posts include photos.  So, I’m not sure whether these posts gained so much attention because they included visuals or if something else is happening, such as good quality photos get a lot of attention, or the captions and links get the attention.

Since I have only looked at one brand so far, I don’t yet have enough information to draw connections and notice patterns between different brands, which is why this weekly report seems a bit short.  I will be including that information in later weekly reports, which will include anything I notice from this brand, and so in future these reports are expected to become much longer.

Personal Approach:

I also continued to create new content for my personal blog.  Like the first week, I posted five times.  I now have 14 followers and 77 hits, up last week from 12 followers.  My blog also received four comments and 35 likes, as well as a few more likes on some older posts.

Other page stats are:

Facebook page:  4 likes (I was not very active on this page this week)

Twitter: 6 F, no RT (I tweeted each new post)

Instagram: No new activity (did not link to new posts)

No Pinterest activity (no change)

Tumblr: 2 followers, 2 likes

I didn’t get much farther in promoting my blog on Facebook, so in this upcoming week that will be part of my focus, not only on Facebook but all the other social media sites that my blog is connected to.  One thing I noticed that Stella McCartney did is she organized her Pinterest posts.  My Pinterest posts are pretty well organized, but the posts from my blog are currently just being lumped into various boards they fit into (vegan recipes in the Vegan board, etc).  So this week I will also be reorganizing these blog-specific posts into one board so that my blog content can be found easier on Pinterest.

During this next week, I can apply the things I have learned to my personal blog by being most active on my blog’s Facebook page and using that page to post the most content, not only directly linking back to my blog posts but also similar, relevant content in the form of memes, quotes, external links, and anything else I find that may be appropriate. I will develop and use consistent hashtags across all of these social media sites to help further promote my blog. Instagram posts will be high-quality photos linking back to my blog and using hashtags. I will look for similar users/bloggers to connect with on Twitter and Instagram and use the @ to publicly connect with them. One example of how I can do this is by trying out a recipe or project from another similar blog, linking back to the blog in my post, and connecting to that blogger publicly to let them and their followers know that I tried out their recipe or project. This could generate more views and interactions in my own content and potentially gain more followers as well.


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