My Research Project – An Overview

My intention with this blog is to show progress on my research project for my electronic writing minor.  I will be studying social media marketing rhetoric, providing information on how users promote their brands through social media and how this promotion varies between sites. I will compile and present information in the forms of text, images, and links, and it will be used as a resource for anybody who is interested in learning more about this subject or perhaps to learn how to use social media for marketing.
I will be looking closely at how social media is used in marketing companies, products, and people. Specifically, I would like to examine six brands that use multiple social media websites to promote their brand, analyze their rhetoric, note patterns I find, and report on how this all varies from site to site. I would like to know whether these brands change their marketing rhetoric depending on the site used, or whether they use one post across all sites. I would also like to study whether they utilize tools such as hashtags to create campaigns and promote their brands, and note how the reactions to this may vary from site to site.

I will be taking this research a step further by applying it in real life to a personal blog of my own.  I will utilize many of the same tactics to promote this blog and will report once per week (minimum) on how effective these tactics have worked for me by keeping track of my blog analytics and interactions through views, likes, comments, and shares.
As I will be discussing five distinct brands, I will cover one type each week, aiming for at least 500 words per blog post to start and posting at least three times per week on each brand. For the first week, I will cover Cult of Coquette, a high-fashion vegan clothing brand. First, I will provide an overview of what the brand is, including photos and links to real examples. Next, I will look at the presence of this brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and possibly the presence on other sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest if applicable, noting specific rhetoric used and how often they post. Then, I will compare and contrast the data from these sites, noting patterns and changes each brand made from each site.
The second week I will cover BatDad, popular for his comedic videos portraying himself as Batman, a father in everyday situations, with the same analysis and posting schedule as before. The third week I will study Lowe’s, a hardware store. The fourth week I will study Monster Energy Drinks. The fifth week I will study Samsung Mobile. The sixth week I will study 3M, maker of things such as Post-Its and Scotch tape.

I will provide weekly reports each Sunday by 11:59 pm, on this blog. Each weekly report will cover what I accomplished during the previous week and be between 750-1ooo words in length.  I will also include a paragraph of 500 words (minimum) on how I have applied what I learned to my personal blog in an attempt to create a brand of my own, and whether the tactics I applied the week prior had been effective.
Time after this point in the project will be spent doing additional study, refining and expanding on the existing information, continuing with my personal blog, and preparing my final report.
While searching the internet, I have found multiple websites on how to use social media to market a brand. However, I have not found much on how brands should vary their tactics from site to site given the rhetoric expected for that website. I believe this blog could give more detailed information and further insight about this subject.
I will organize my blog by post, and by category, which in this case would be brand. I will create a page that lists and links back to each brand I am studying, as well as to each of their social media pages.
With this project, I intend to achieve a compilation of at least basic information on these brands and how their rhetoric varies between social networking sites, providing information for others or myself to expand upon or use.
I envision my project report being a blog post about my project as this will continue to keep my blog organized. This project report will cover what I have accomplished and what I have learned, through my research, through input from others who may possibly contribute through blog comments, and through my own learning about use of proper rhetoric on various sites to market a brand. In this project report I will provide one to three images from each brand as examples to show the differences in the rhetoric used between websites. I will explain what I originally set out to accomplish with this project and I will discuss any changes I may have made to the project along the way, and why those changes may have taken place.



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